Receiving additional 9/11 Victims Compensation for those already paid out

Am I Entitled to Additional 9/11 Compensation if I Develop Cancer After I Already Filed My Claim or Received an Award?

911row2If you have registered with the Victim Compensation Fund, filed a claim or received an award, then you may be able to file an amended claim if you have been diagnosed with a 9/11 related cancer. You may be able to get additional compensation for your pain and suffering if you submit an amended claim. You could also be awarded for the economic losses you have suffered as the result of your cancer.

You could also amend a claim if the illness or injury significantly worsens. You may be able to receive additional compensation. Amending a claim that you have previously submitted can be complicated. That is why it is imperative for you to speak to an attorney who understands the amending process. Our attorneys can help you maximize your claims.

Your attorney can make sure that all of the forms are filled out properly. Your attorney can also determine whether adding a condition to the original application will really be in your best interest. We have the information and resources needed to help first responders and people who have survived 9/11. Call us today. We will happy to discuss whether you file a cancer claim through the Victim Compensation Fund.

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