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Are you a 9/11 WTC Victim?

If you were injured due to the tragedy at WTC on 9/11, you may be entitled to collect compensation using the Zadroga bill. To find out if you have a case, complete the form on this page or call 1-800-934-2921.


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you injured by the 9/11 WTC tragedy?

If you were injured at ground zero on or around 9/11, you may be entitled to compensation. Complete the form on this page to find out if you have a case.

Zagroga Act Extends Compensation to 9/11 WTC Victims

The Zadroga Act has finally become a law after two years of intense lobbying and effort in Washington.

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There are several reasons this law is important. The World Trade Center Health Program will be fully-funded for 75 years because of this bill. This also means that people who are sick as the result of exposure to toxic air at Ground Zero will have access to this program for the rest of their lives. Because of the Zadroga Act, you can file a claim until the VCF closes in 2021. You may also be eligible for an additional award if your personal circumstances have changed, or you have been diagnosed with a new illness.

Start Your Claim Today – Helping 9/11 WTC Victims Get Compensation

If you are a WTC 9/11 victim, you

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may be entitled to compensation. To find out if you have a case, contact our law firm immediately. Simply complete the form on this page or call 1-800-934-2921.


9/11 WTC exposure linked to numerous forms of cancer.

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Zadroga Act passed extending help for 9/11 WTC victims with compensation.

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Find out if you have a case.

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Zadroga Act Provides More Compensation to 9/11 WTC Victims

The World Trade Center Health Program was a medical monitoring program that was set up in order to assist any of the 9/11 survivors and responders that

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had been injured during the attack. The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund is a financial fund established to help take care of the survivors and the families of those who died in the Trade Center attacks. In December of 2015, it was announced that the compensation fund would be extended for another five years. However, that was not the only thing that happened. Not only did they extend the years for this assistance, they also increased the funding that the fund would have to distribute.

A lot of the first responders that arrived at the Trade Center were exposed

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to a variety of different toxins, and this is why they were also allowed access to the World Trade Center Health Program, along with the

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actual survivors of the tragedy. Below, one will be able to find the differences in the sections that became the Final James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization that was included in the Omnibus in December.

9/11 WTC Victims Compensation Health Program

The biggest change in this section was its time frame. Thanks to this reauthorization, this program is actually being extended to the year 2090. They also added another $3.5 billion to cover the program. Some of the other changes that fell under this section were as followed:

  • Every five years, the program is required to provide a GAO report, which will help to continue the insurance of the program’s integrity.
  • The Administrator now has to act on petitions within 90 days if they are seeking to add on new health conditions.
  • Various other technical changes.

Victim Compensation Fund Section

This fund was expected to end in 2016, but thanks to the $4.6 billion they received, they will now be able to extend the fund for an additional 5 years. Below, one will be able to find a few of the other changes that are to take place during this extension.

  • There will no longer be a minimum payment calculation.
  • Those who are eligible for a non-economic loss award that is cancer, their maximum cap will be $250,000.
  • Those who are eligible for a non-economic loss award that is non-cancer, their maximum cap will be $90,000.

Most Common Forms of Cancer Suffered by 9/11 WTC Victims

Which Cancers are certified for Treatment and Compensation for Survivors

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essay writer service and 1st Responders of 9/11?

9/11 was a huge tragedy in the history of the United States, but sadly, there that horrible day has had long lasting health care issues on thousands of people. Due to all of the toxins that were in the air after the attacks, a lot of people had to breathe in these toxins before knowing what it was they would have to deal with. It has been proven that thousands of people who lived around the Trade Center and 1st responders have come down with one or more types of different cancer.

Between FDNY & NYPD members, ground zero first responders, people who lived in the area, visitors, and workers, there

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have been over 3,700 cases of people getting cancer. Below, there is a list of 15 different types of cancers that have been linked to this terrible tragedy, but sadly, some of those who were there are not suffering from one of these cancers but multiple cancers.

  • 1. Female Breast Cancer
  • 2. Breast carcinoma in situ
  • 3. Non-melanoma skin cancer
  • 4. Leukemia
  • 5. Rectal cancer
  • 6. Lymphoma
  • 7. Kidney cancer
  • 8. Bladder cancer
  • 9. Thyroid cancer
  • 10. Prostate cancer
  • 11. Myeloma
  • 12. Oropharynx cancer
  • 13. Colon cancer
  • 14. Melanoma of the skin
  • 15. Lung Cancer

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the paperwork to apply for compensation and treatment can be difficult. However, there are specialized lawyers that are there to help these unfortunate people and their families to make sure they are properly compensated for their service.

Start Your Claim Today – Helping 9/11 WTC Victims Get Compensation

If you are a WTC 9/11 victim, you may be entitled to compensation. To find out if you have a case, contact our law firm immediately. Simply complete the form

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on this page or call 1-800-934-2921.